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Take me out to Ballgame blog train is here!

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You know you need lots of sports goodies.

This train has 16 cars full of color coordinated goodies for the sports fan, athlete or manly man in your life.

Allllll Aboardddddddddddddd~!

Blog train brought to you by

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Craftymumz Creations


Here is my portion of this train, there are a lot of them that are better than mine, but I tried lol. It just didn't come out the way that I had Envisioned.

Here is the link:

here is the rest of the train Madness or Genius Designs Miggins Does Scrapsville Colleen's Creative Scraps

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Here are a couple of layouts that I done using Kim Cameron's Banana's kit. You can find the kit at Groovy Here is a preview of the kit:

and here are the layouts that I done using this very cute kit, You just have to love all of her little Monkey's. You really should check out all of her kits!

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Here is a new kit dedicated to my new niece Chloee Mae. She is our little princess, while I can't post pictures due to safety concerns, let me tell you that she is the most beautiful little girl. I named this kit Princess.

I hope you like it, I am sure there will be some more girly kits too coming soon.

Snag the kit here: Princess

I tried using Mediafire this time, I hope that there are no problems but let me know if there is and I will fix it as soon as possible.

Yes I am still around

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I am here yet again apologizing for my lack of blogging and freebies, Since I have lost my copy of photo shop I have not been able to get back into the swing of things making my previews and such I have a few kits, but no previews to post. so I am going to give away one of my kits that I had previously tried to sale.


links fixed sorry about that