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Hey wow it has been a while since I have been here, I have not completed any more kits or freebies for a LONG time, I get sick of fighting with Paintshop! and can't afford Photoshop and I would LOVE TO HAVE THAT. It sucks being poor! lol I am trying to learn Gimp but I just can't get it! I will try to have something for you in the next few days or weeks, so keep checking back!

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Hey just thought I would let you know that I am still here, I am just in a little design rut right now, plus trying to find a graphics program that will work with Vista! psp hangs up all the time, can't afford photoshop but would LOVE to have it!

I wanted to blog about a Birthday give away over at Monique's blog, you don't want to miss this, I want to win it so bad I have NEVER won anything before in my life and would be so excited to win this,.

Click here to go to her blog

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Hey long time no blog lol well you guys ought to be used to it by now lol. Well I didn't come back empty handed. I have a commercial use friendly gift this time! I would absolutely love to see the kits you guys make out of these, and actually would be thrilled to see that you like them. Well here are the previews I tried to show the over lays and some of the things you can do by recoloring them, would love to see your ideas.

Image is linked click to snag these, a little thank you would be nice.

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Hey, how do ya like my new look? still working on learning to make my own blog sets, but not there yet, but I just wanted to apologize for being such a bad blogger. It is time for the adsd blog train again! Notice that last month was the last time I blogged too lol. Well any how here is my preview, not much this time,

Click here to download
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Take me out to Ballgame blog train is here!

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You know you need lots of sports goodies.

This train has 16 cars full of color coordinated goodies for the sports fan, athlete or manly man in your life.

Allllll Aboardddddddddddddd~!

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Here is my portion of this train, there are a lot of them that are better than mine, but I tried lol. It just didn't come out the way that I had Envisioned.

Here is the link:

here is the rest of the train Madness or Genius Designs Miggins Does Scrapsville Colleen's Creative Scraps

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Here are a couple of layouts that I done using Kim Cameron's Banana's kit. You can find the kit at Groovy Here is a preview of the kit:

and here are the layouts that I done using this very cute kit, You just have to love all of her little Monkey's. You really should check out all of her kits!