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Here is a quick page from Xena Princess, I thought it was so cute, now I just need to get the boy one! lol. These are great quick pages. I know what she means about people not saying thank you, I too tried to put passwords on my freebies, but then decided that there are just a lot of rude people in the world, and that is just a fact of life now a days,( I too have been guilty of not saying thank you to people, so I would now like to take the time to say thank you to all the many many many freebie givers out there that I am sure I have forgotten my manners!

ps. this is not my baby or any one I know's It was a royalty free image, I don't have a girl :-(
but if my sister in law ever pops hers out it is supposed to be a girl! we had a false alarm today, very disappointing!

Word art freebie

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Well I am finally back with a word art freebie, recently I heard a telethon wanting support for St. Jude's Hospital and was deeply touched for all the work that they do for these children that have cancer, and just thought that each of us that have healthy children, should thank God each and every day(even those days when they are driving us crazy) that we have a healthy child!

I hope someone can use this. Click on the image to download.
any comments are welcome too